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  • Leadville Mountains "DesignMasterStudio" is a team of professional interior designers specialized in casinos decoration. We think that high professionalism can be reached in particular speciality and we chose casinos due to their growing popularity. For more inforamtion you can also read Casino City Times. Enjoy!
Privacy and Legal


You can take it easy; spam is our worst enemy as well. CasinoOnlineMaster is known for being a spam free site that guarantees not to divulge (rent/sell/share) personal data to any third party representative. We take safety features extremely seriously. You will have the chance of learning more about our privacy policy once you've read the following lines.

Privacy Policy Synopsis

  • Browsing the site without actually creating an account is not an impediment anymore, nevertheless registering with a free account is mandatory, especially if you are determined to provide contents for the community.
  • Whenever you register with us, we are interested in minor personal data.
  • Our web site will receive and record information such as IP address, browser and cookie information imperatively.
  •} uses the collected data for various well-defined purposes: customizing the available content, fulfilling personal inquiries, contacting you and conducting research.

Using your Email Address

The only reason why we will use your email address is to answer to your inquiries, observations and requests, all of them being in connection with our site. You can also receive our newsletter via e-mail, suppose you have opted for such a preference during the registration. It is our duty to publish newsletters whenever there is something important to tell. Your e-mail address will not be exposed to opposite maneuvers. Full stop.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

CasinoOnlineMaster will not sell, rent or share personal data with other entities, except when you require us to provide you with such. We will always ask for your permission whenever:

  • We have to respond to court orders, subpoenas, legal processes.
  • We have to form our defense in order to protect the site against legal claims.
  • We feel the necessity of providing information that could fuel investigations. When we are obliged to take action against illegal undertakings, frauds, potential threats and violations of inner policy (terms of use for instance) or whenever we are obliged by our common sense and by the law.
  • We merge with another company.

Privacy and Security

Our employees and contractors are restricted from any of your personal data, except the ones that are indispensable for their daily tasks.


There is only a limited amount of publicity placed on our web site. All of these promise to bring high quality content for free. Some of them may contain cookies or known to collect IP address and domain type. Our advice is to examine the privacy policies of advertisers.