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You are visiting "DesignMasterStudio" web site, which is dedicated to casino gambling only! How to play blackjack, video poker, craps, sic bo, want the casino bonuses are, how to win playing the most popular casino games… Is it this what you were looking for? If your answer is yes, than you are highly welcomed!

"DesignMasterStudio" is a team of professional interior designers specialized in casinos decoration. Why only casinos? We think that high professionalism can be reached in particular specialty and we chose casinos due to their growing popularity. Casino design is very special and has many nuances that have to count. Have you ever wondered why there are always dark windows in casinos? It is a tricky effect that keeps players unaware of the time of the day (or days!) that they spent in casinos. We know about all tricks, that are used to attract the attention of gamblers, but we also know tricks, which gamblers use to win at casino! And we are here now to tell you everything you need to know about casino gambling and different game peculiarities.

There is a very common situation in all the casinos, player enter is, looks over the building and…does not know what to do. There are so many different tables and machines, so mane crying people, so many those who are angry and disappointed and those who are happy, there so many different things and emotions, that it seems impossible to choose the game. Lots of these visitors just watch how other people play, trying to become a part of crowd, but they are so scared, that they can be easily defined. They are first-time visitors who know about casino games nothing. We have observed these situations so many times that we’ve decided to create this casino guide, which will help not only casino newbies but also professional gamblers to know more about casino games, rules and different tricks. Not matter how experiences you are, you will find here only useful info. We also tried to satisfy the desired of online casino gamblers at free roulette (american variation) and that is why you may find at our website list of top online casinos and of course materials, which you may use for getting you bonus in online gambling house! Not to tell you everything at once, we recommend to look through our site and choose us to decorate your casino! For more information you can also read Casino City Times. Enjoy!

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