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Rules of Video Poker

Video Poker Rule One

Rule one guides you on when to risk your poker with High Card bonus features. Specific tips have been developed for the many variants of video poker game including Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and King or Better, but two rules apply uniformly to all variants.

Rule number one requires you to think seriously before choosing the gamble features presented to you by the video poker and instead seek to form your own strategy. Poker games will often prompt you to take some offers which may look enticing but a lot of truth will be hidden from you until you come to the realization that you are playing a loosing game. Some of the features of the video poker games will push you to make a higher bet than the dealer's but such only boils down to luck if not reducing your winning chances.

Professional video poker gamblers do not use the games gambling features but instead devise their own methods which give them more control. There are many players who may prefer to use the gambling features and there certain occasions when it may not at all bad to try them. They are good to use when you have made some progress and can afford to make some mistakes with money. But it is good to approach them knowing that they are more of traps than strategy. Remember in a game of gambling you are competing against the dealer or the casino. Your win is his loss and your loss is his win. It is possible that he may offer you some strategy which may help you but it would be very minimal and is more likely to hoodwink you than help you.

Rule Number Two

Rule number two require you to always hold your paying hands. If you are dealt a paying hand you better hold onto that as you chase bigger ones. You may find it profiting to risk your paying hands in the short run but in the not so distant future you may find yourself regretting. But there are a few exceptions and this happens when you have two paying hands. Instead of holding both you should consider risking your paying hand if you have a winning combination with the potential for a Royal Flush.

With four or more cards having the potential to form a Royal, it is necessary to risk them in search of the games jackpot. Video poker tips are certainly useful for new players but they may still be useful for experienced players. It is important to learn them and keep them in mind at all times you are playing video poker game.