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Metropolis is one of the numerable towns of Illinois, US which is located on the south of the state, in the neighborhood with Kentucky. Actually Metropolis is situated very conveniently for reaching of major cities in Midwest U.S. like Kentucky, Louisville, St. Louis, Memphis and Nashville.

Speaking about the location, population and territory of Metropolis it may be considered as an average town of United States. However, in case you want to figure out why it is a place of attraction for many and why the city makes a lot of money on vast inrushes of tourists you should get familiar with historical park of Metropolis, an amazing riverboat casino and the story of legendary Superman.

Superman`s hometown

One of the most world-famous superhero has brought this small town fame immediately after the population of the Metropolis made a decision to claim the town as Superman`s native land and their decision was supported by state`s government. It is obvious that tourists also like an idea to visit the "home town" of Superman, by the same token the town`s authorities made everything on the purpose to attract their attention.

There is a welcoming billboard with Superman at the entrance to the town and a huge statue of him on the way that leads to the downtown. Moreover, there is a building in a form of superman`s emblem with a gift shop inside that offers all superman`s and supergirl`s stuff. You have to pay only $3 to get into Superman`s museum which will definitely impress you by innumerable interesting relative collections.

Harrah's Metropolis


Harrah's Metropolis Hotel will definitely amaze you with its great service and perfect combining of business side with a recreation and entertainment. We mean that if you need to manage the affairs during your stay you are welcome to use wireless access to Internet, Free high-speed (wired) access as well as special business center. The hotel provides its guests with business meeting facilities that are conference rooms, small and comfortable meeting rooms and a ballroom. Harrah's Metropolis Hotel also offers concierge desk, specially designed smoking areas and valet parking. The casino which also belongs to Harrah`s Metropolis deserves a few words apart.


According to laws of Illinois State Harrah's Metropolis Casino is located on the riverboat on the Ohio River. By the way, Harrah`s giant company now is busy with a project called 'Metropolis' launched in Slovakia. Apart from the luxurious and sophisticated interior of Metropolis casino in Illinois that compares with exciting gambling spirit there are some features that should be mentioned.

The casino includes 1,172 slot machines of different types. There are 372 quarter slots machines, 160 nickel slots, 27 50-cents slots, 365 dollar slots and 45 5-dollar slot machines. The video poker fans can choose one of the fabulous 97 machines.